The Flowers From Felix Story

In the beginning it was my friends and my mum who helped me plant the garden but mostly I tended the garden by myself and it helped me to feel closer to Felix. 

Now there are many people in the community who come and together we have created a garden that spans a great deal of the old part of the cemetery.  We have support from the Purewa Cemetery Trust who pay for any plants or other expenses around running the programme. Sunhill Garden Centre donate plants and other supplies and also provide a good discount to all things going to the garden. The owners of Sunhill can sometimes be found planting too.

We also have young people growing flowers at the cemetery.  The lockdown measures made it hard for many students to gain their community service hours and so they have offered their time at the cemetery.  The Hobson Group Brownies have cared for and planted a large memorial and we also have another family of creative girls who like to make little houses for the fairies in the garden.

Felix was nearly 17 when he died in his sleep suddenly and unexpectedly from a seizure. When we chose his plot I knew I would create a garden for him, a piece of heaven so that whenever anyone came to visit they would experience some of the beauty of his existence. 

He had so much to live for; he was in love, he was so intelligent and so creative.  He was going to study Engineering at University and try to fix this climate mess we have all found ourselves in.

There are many incredible people who have helped Flowers from Felix thrive:

Dee McQuillan
Dee has been an incredible force in sharing the story of Flowers from Felix and because of her efforts we sometimes have carloads of plants and boxes of tubers and seeds arriving on a daily basis.  Her knowledge and passion when it comes to growing flowers is a wonderful resource. But it is her friendship that is the best part about having Dee in the garden.

Elizabeth Bedford – Herbalist & Naturopath
Elizabeth is one of the people I took Felix to when trying to help him live a strong healthy life.  Elizabeth is a registered herbalist and naturopath.  She also makes her own line of skincare and has created gardener's hand cream for our gardeners that is available to purchase.  Elizabeth also  runs workshops around growing therapeutic plants and flowers and harvesting them for use.

So far the group has been going for less than a year and we have about 15 in the core group who show up every week. It is always a delight to see Adrienne, and she always has something to bring to the garden that she has fossicked from the neighbourhood.  Fantastic company for a laugh or if you need to talk something through. Sylvia comes when she isn't working as a doctor in the ICU or running for government and brings many plants and so much energy. Carolyn and Kate have that quiet strength that holds society together and bring plants and knowledge and kindness. Judy brings a presidential reverence that we can all admire and call upon her knowledge about plants.  Sue has a lifetime of gardening experience, along with her knowledge around medicinal herbs and a career in nursing provides another well of knowledge. Pascal and Maddie race around watering when they're not performing ballet recitals. There are so many others who show up as and when they can and they also have incredible lives that they share with us while they garden and create this beautiful paradise.


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